BC’s Buddy Program – Fostering Friendships For Those Who Deserve It Most

Everyone deserves a friend, and for most, true friendships are hard to come by. Naturally, growing up means friends will come and go. But, what does this mean for someone with a disability? Genuine friendships are rare and typically nonexistent. BC’s Buddy Program focuses on encouraging friendships between individuals with autism and individuals who do not. Today’s Champions’ goal is to foster natural relationship growth, provide enjoyable encounters, and create true, genuine friendships without outside motives. This program is not a pairing system that rewards someone for simply being a friend. Today’s Champions strives to find individuals who can genuinely build relationships, create memories, and show someone with autism that friendships do exist. Because through every chapter of growing up, everyone deserves a friend.


First Responder Autism Education – Training for Influential Members In the Community

From the perspective of someone with autism, there are moments that are confusing, hard to process, and difficult to understand. What happens when parents, family, or friends are not around to make sense of the confusion or de-escalate a situation? Today’s Champions’ goal is to provide specific autism training to first responders, security personnel, teachers, and other influential members in the community. When moments get tough, these community members will be educated and aware of the situation to understand why someone with autism is reacting in a certain way. This training will include instructional videos, 1:1 interactions and seminars, along with education on Autism Spectrum Disorder.


BW’s Backpack Program – Sensory Integration & Mood De-Escalation in Social Settings

Watching a professional football or basketball game? Taking a trip to the zoo or mall? Visiting the local bowling alley?
For Today’s Champions, it’s important that every kid can be a kid, that every fan can enjoy the game, that having fun is always an option, and that nothing gets in the way – not even a disability. This sensory integration program provides backpacks that include helpful objects that aid in relaxation and stress relief for individuals with autism. Today’s Champions’ goal is to partner with businesses involved in the sports and entertainment industries to provide sensory backpacks to individuals in social settings. These items de-escalate mood and sooth senses – eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch – so that an individual with autism can enjoy the event, just like everyone else.

Items include:
Headphones/ear plugs
Stress ball
Fidget spinner